Rimfire Range

Take aim at five Ranch shooting ranges


Hidden Gem

A skills test for any ability

The rimfire range offers a great opportunity for an introduction to shooting sports. Dug into a hillside on the Eastern side of The Ranch, the range’s covered shooting stand offers protection from the elements. Using small caliber rifles and pistols with very little recoil, guests can practice hitting steel reactive targets at distances between 10 and 100 yards. These reactive targets engage the senses by flipping, moving and making noise when a shooter hits his or her mark. Targets include a dueling shooting tree for optional competitive shooting.

  • Twice-daily on-ranch adventures are included in your stay

  • Safety is the top priority

  • Great range for beginning shooters, 6 and up

  • 10 to 100yd targets available

  • Sitting or standing positioning

  • Semi-automatic .22 long rifles and revolvers

  • Very little recoil

Wisdom from the Wild

From Our Activities Concierge

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“We were able to shoot pistols, shotguns and rimfire, do archery, fly fish, downhill mountain bike and ride some of the 80+ horses. ”

Tripadvisor, August 2018

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“The Instructors at the range were top notch and was a safe environment. ”
Matt P

Tripadvisor, November 2021

Couple loading gun at gun range
Couple holding a gun at gun range
Man shooting target at gun range in the snow
View of gun fire range in meadows

The best souvenir is a great story.

Twice-daily activities are included in your stay. Our all-inclusive rate structure ensures that visits to The Ranch are memorable for their adventures and amenities, not their logistical challenges.

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