The American West boasts concentration of hot springs in the United States. Montana itself is home to 61 known hot springs, and visiting them is one of the regular past times for locals in our state. Some of them are destination pools that refill every day while others are hidden in forests, accessible through long hikes or snowshoes in the winter.

Our new mineral soaks, available for purchase or during a Rock Creek Hot Spring Ritual at the Spa

Balance of Wellness and Play

Our activities program aims to give people access and guided instruction to the celebrated activities in our frontier county, like horseback riding, fly fishing and skiing. Meanwhile, The Spa at Rock Creek is designed to harness the natural landscape and provide a counter balance of relaxation after a day of adventure.

Since hot springs are both a beloved adventure and an opportunity for deep relaxation and healing, our Spa Supervisor Candace Sellman worked with a local Montana business, Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy, to create a soak aimed at making each bath you take into your own private hot spring.

Hot springs are an amazing natural resource for wellness that many people haven’t had the chance to experience. By creating this mineral soak, our guests can enjoy a geothermal hot spring here in the Spa or in a bathtub in an accommodation. Whether it be an introduction to Montana’s hot springs or a frequent soaker’s delight on vacation, we’re excited to offer this opportunity. ~ Candace Sellman

The soak’s blend was inspired by the serene essence of geothermal springs. It has been crafted specifically to represent what a natural occurring hot spring would be like with the minerals surrounding The Ranch at Rock Creek. Our soaks are infused with magnesium, bicarbonate, calcium and over 81 trace minerals. Recover from being in the saddle with the time-honored tradition of thermal bathing from the comfort of your home or accommodation. They promote relaxation while renewing tired muscles and soothing the senses.

Loft accommodation in the Historic Barn (Photo by Wyatt Smith/The Points Guy)

Rock Creek Hot Spring Ritual

An open wooden door with a plaque reading 'Bitterroot', leading into a massage roomA treatment room at The Spa at Rock Creek

Guests can enjoy the new soaks in the spa as part of our Rock Creek Hot Spring Ritual. Sink into our tub for a 20-minute soak using Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy. Surrounded by candles and peaceful music, this is a fantastic addition to any luxury spa treatment. It’s available by itself or as an addition to other treatments.

The soaking tub in The Spa at Rock Creek

A Soak with a View

Soaking in a tub with a view is available in many of our secluded luxury cabins. We recommend Loft in the Historic Barn, Ponderosa Cabin, Bluebird Cabin, Bear House and Moose House that all look over beautiful views of the Rock Creek Valley.

The view from a clawfoot tub in Ponderosa Cabin

Join us this spring as the Rock Creek valley starts to bloom. Learn more about all-inclusive adventure at The Ranch.