Sapphire Mining

Inspired by Our Frontier Past


Hidden Gem

Mine for sapphires in the Sapphire Mountains

Discover your inner miner by spending an afternoon panning for sapphires of all colors at the base of the Sapphire Mountains. Mines in the area once provided sapphires for use in Swiss watches. Now, they are some of the few operational sapphire mines in the country. Wear your play clothes—it’s a hands-on kind of place. Depending upon how you handle your sapphire gravel, bucket and wash screen, this may just be the dirtiest, good, clean fun you’ll ever have.

  • Twice-daily on-ranch adventures are included in your stay

  • Sapphire gravel, mesh sieves and tweezers are provided

  • Rod and Gun Club staff will provide instruction on how to sift gravel, and then you can perfect your technique

Wisdom from the wild

From our Activities Concierge

A woman wearing a purple cap standing on a snowy trail
“Growing up around here, sapphire mining was a family tradition. Every year after our five-day cattle drive we would get some gravel and pan together. One year I found a large sapphire that my parents made into a ring for my graduation. You never know if it will be your lucky day. ”
Krista Johnson

Social Media Manager

Trip advisor logo
“We especially enjoyed the additional activities planned for the ranch's Autumn Fest which we experienced for the first time. Seeing the new Rod and Gun Club, learning about the Mission Mustang, mining for sapphires, lunch at the Blue Canteen and dinner and music in the Buckle Barn were great memories. It was a beautiful way to celebrate birthdays and family time with our youngest daughter in her senior year of high school. We would welcome and treasure a return visit! ”
Colleen B

Tripadvisor, October 2018

Boy sorting sapphires with tweezers
Woman washing sapphires in mesh sieve
Two women washing sapphires in sieve
Prospecting for sapphires by hand looking for shiny stones
Girl sorting sapphires with tweezers
Closeup of sapphire gravel

The best souvenir is a great story.

Twice-daily activities are included in your stay. Our all-inclusive rate structure ensures that visits to The Ranch are memorable for their adventures and amenities, not their logistical challenges.

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