Frontier Skills

Channel your inner pioneer


Hidden Gem

Learn survival skills on the Montana frontier

Leave the city behind and get in touch with your inner frontiersman or woman. The Ranch’s own advanced EMTs and trained outdoorsmen and women teach the basic skills required to survive overnight in the wilderness. Meet at a mountainside location for a morning or afternoon of fun and enlightening instruction and frontier challenges. After reviewing first aid and survival gear essentials, individuals or groups will be tasked with making their own shelter. Then, you’ll learn to locate safe water sources and how to set a snare for trapping small animals. Lastly, you will be taught to start a fire using several different methods. When you depart The Ranch, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident exploring farther afield on your future travels.

  • Twice-daily on-ranch adventures are included in your stay

  • Learn how to pack for safe future adventures

  • Hike or bike to the class location

  • Instruction includes water sourcing, snares, fire and shelter building

Wisdom from the wild

From our Activities Concierge

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“It doesn’t end there, there are countless activities to choose from! PHIL is the best for archery and photography! SAM is a MUST for frontier skills! NATHAN is your man for rifles!”

Tripadvisor, December 2021

Person putting stick into burning camp fire
Person making camp fire

The best souvenir is a great story.

Twice-daily activities are included in your stay. Our all-inclusive rate structure ensures that visits to The Ranch are memorable for their adventures and amenities, not their logistical challenges.

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