During spring in Granite County, everywhere you turn something has started anew. The land looks and smells green and earthy. Thousands of calves have been born within 100 miles of us, and they roam the fields in little gangs challenging each other to running races. If we could bottle that contagious feeling of spring renewal and send it out into the world, we would. But it wouldn’t be the same without seeing the fawns poking their noses out of the tall grass or the endless open spaces that make Montana such a unique destination.

We want to harness that contagious feeling of spring renewal for travelers and propose some reasons to get out and take a spring break that refreshes not just a love for travel but in-depth immersion in the things that bring joy—before the fevered excitement of summertime begins. If you’re looking for your own spring cleaning, for body, mind or soul, here are some once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunities that are sure to recharge you.

1. Take a hobby to the next level.

Whether you’re a nature lover who wants to learn to track animals or a wine lover who wants to learn from experts in viticulture, this might be the year to give your hobby the chance to become a larger part of your identity. Even if you are in the first stages of a new interest, immersive study is bound to yield satisfaction and results.

In April, during our inaugural Hygge Wine Weekend, guests can embrace the comfort and contentment of the Danish-inspired “Hygge” themed weekend with a homestead twist. We are excited to partner with National Geographic photographer and filmmaker, Ami Vitale. Vitale will host a photography workshop and inspirational talk that shares her personal journey—documenting heroes saving the last of northern white rhinos from extinction, reintroducing giant pandas to the wild, as well as the heartwarming story of Kenya’s first indigenous-owned and run elephant sanctuary.

Try your hand at wool felting or a beeswax candle making class with Philipsburg Artist-in-Residence Rachael Marjamaa. These crafts and classes will continue to feed your creative spirit when you bring your skills home with you.

2. Go to the source of adventure.

Very often with travel, a buzz of excitement around a certain challenge or destination means it offers something you can’t find anywhere else. Perhaps 2023 is the year to travel to the heartland of your favorite hobby.


If you are an angler who’s looking for the last best trout stream, then a trip to experience the spring fly hatch on Rock Creek should be part of your bucket list. Rock Creek is one of very few Blue Ribbon fishing streams in the United States. This is a distinction given to waterways that show high water quality, reproduction capacity, and specific fish populations.


3. See the world differently.

Travel helps people to see the world in a new way. In fact, sometimes you have to leave home to appreciate what’s right in front of you. One of the best ways to change your perspective is to experience wildlife in its native habitat. Scouting wildlife is a fulfilling, meditative activity that we embrace, especially during the migrations of spring and fall. Western Montana is home to the most abundant wildlife population in the lower 48 states.

Our Wine and Wildlife Weekend on March 9-13 will feature wildlife tracking and primitive skills activities with Wildlife Researcher, Filmmaker and Educator Joshua Lisbon. These activities can be combined with The Ranch’s own Master Naturalist activities. The all-inclusive weekend will also include an exclusive showing of Colin Ruggiero’s film “Tracking Notes: The Secret World of Mountain Lions.” This clinic is complete with access to all of our standard Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star amenities, including wine pairings with guest vinters Jack and Dawn Galante, and the collaborative efforts of Executive Chef Josh Drage frontier-to-table menus and Sommelier Craig O.’s inspired wine pairings.

A moose standing at a pond

4. Reconnect with someone special.

We all fall into the hum drum routine of life and forget the reasons that the people in our lives give us joy. A trip to reconnect, without the bounds of a normal schedule can reinvigorate a couple. We suggest adventure in the outdoors, which is stimulating, scenic and private, giving plenty of time to focus on each other. Join us for Big Sky Love over Valentine’s Day, or choose the spring weekend that suits you best. All guests receive a personalized itinerary with two included activities per day created by our talented Ranch Ambassadors.

5. Make the most of a holiday.

Perhaps you didn’t have a chance to get away last Christmas or summer. Extending a three-day weekend into a five to seven-day adventure might be a way to avoid the rush of the busier holiday seasons, while getting that long-overdue vacation.

Two belgian horses pulling a wagon

Renew yourself with an all-inclusive family vacation in Montana over Easter Weekend that includes luxury amenities, curated Flint’s Forest Rangers kids activities, sustainability efforts, and special events, including egg and treasure hunts. Memorial Day Weekend marks the start of a busy rodeo season, culminating in “Cowboy Christmas” during the Fourth of July Week. The Ranch hosts a celebration that includes our a Ranch rodeo, barn dance, musical guests, outdoor meals on the wood fire grill, s’mores roasting, wagon rides and more. Families, couples and solo travelers alike enjoy this authentic kickoff to a glorious Montana summer.


We hope you get the chance to take a spring break. If you could design a perfect spring trip, what would it entail?